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Sorry for the flood of questions, this is the last one ... I followed up on the response from Claire Agutter ... thank you Claire ... and was wondering:

I am trying to decide between Exin and Peoplcert. Does anyone here have a preference or a "should avoid" thought. I am hoping both are good and I can just base my decision of price.

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  • dfp1234dfp1234 Posts: 10Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Sorry, forgot, I am planning to do the online proctored version of the ITIL Foundation Exam.
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    The price is the same across the board I believe. Personally I used Exin.
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    Hi dfp1234

    The main difference between EXIN and Peoplecert is the type of proctor (invigilator). EXIN currently use a software proctoring program, and Peoplecert use live proctors. I've sat 3 online exams with Peoplecert now and the experience was very good.

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    In my experience you would have your certificate earlier with Peoplecert, usually with Peoplecert you have it no later than 24-48h after the exam, sometimes Exin need up to 1 week. I also had very good experience with Peoplecert live proctors.
  • UncleBUncleB Posts: 417Member
    I've used both (mostly Exin as I could get the same exam cheaper through them) and the previous posters are right.
    If you have not done a web proctored exam before then I suggest you do the first one through Peoplecert and thereafter you will know what to expect and can use either.

    Exin are slower in sending out the certs - my last one took nearly 3 weeks (it was only a confirmation that I had passed as the certs were on the Axelos candidate register to download and print myself.

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