70-292 - blew it

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Just got back from taking the 70-292 only 40 questions and can't believe how bad I did. I'm ashamed to say that I got 377.

What completely baffles me is that according to the sectional results I am strong in 3 areas, one area is about 75%, another is about 50% and the last is about 25% (DNS). I have a hard time believing that it only adds up to 377.

Has anyone heard of grading mistakes? Ok, so I am in denial, I just don’t want to believe that I did that bad. Had studied for over a month, and use it everyday for my job. And I’m not new to MS testing.

I’m done whining now..

At least I signed up for the Second shot. Hey, I know, it’s a ploy to make more money for the testing center. Fail them on the first try and then pass them on the second. (I know, it was worth a try.)


  • eurotrasheurotrash Member Posts: 817
    ouch. did it have sims? cuz if you failed the sims, i think they're scored heavily.

    anyways good luck for next time. icon_cool.gif
    witty comment
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    The score is very likely correct, but mistakes aren't completely unheared of. You probably got more questions from the sections you scored low on (i.e. DNS). However, you can be sure that even if there's a mistake made in the scoring results, it won't be big enough to make 'the' difference.

    Anyway, sorry to hear you didn't pass. Yet, because of one thing you can be sure, you need to prepare better, and probably go a bit deeper into the subjects. The reason I'm saying that I'm guessing you picked the 'seemingly correct' answer too many times. Check out my post about MS-style exam questions here:

    Good luck on your 2nd shot!
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    That score is probably correct. I have taken that test a couple of times already and feel embarassed in my scores. I think it does score heavily on objectives than others. The last time I took it I was 36 points from passing and I was just completely frustrated. I'm taking a break now from MSFT tests because of it. Just keep studying and you will get it sooner or later, sooner is better of course. In the future I will try to sit for this test again. Good luck to you and to anyone who will sit for this exam!
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    Holy S***T

    I gave a shot at it.
    First 25 question were so easy that I COuldn't beleive that was the REal test.

    From question 25 ahead.
    I got freaking 2 SIMS, lots of HOt area, Drop and Place. Bla bla bla bla...

    I review the test again, and again....

    And I got a 377???????????????????
    WT* Is going on???


    I was about to call microsoft.... But Leave it like that....

    The results they gave me...
    The Bars on each topic was more than Half on almost everyone...

    They might have questions that worth 100 points.... Probably the one I've missed....

    I'm Really pissed offffffffffffffffff

    "I Had the Right Answers... The exam had the wrong questions!!!"
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