Which cert to get?

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So here I am writing a topic I usually reply to but never create myself. Opportunity has come up to take either the CISSP-ISSMP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional Information Systems Security Management Professional, whew!) or CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager).


Neither are required for work, but both have been presented to me basically as giveaways. I do certs to better myself. Gain knowledge that I can apply at work or help others with and challenge myself at the end to see if I've absorbed the material.

The CISSP-ISSMP probably won't teach me much or be much value at work, but it will provide an opportunity to brush up on some things. Career-wise it won't do much for me here or in a future workplace since it isn't exactly in high demand or even understood. Kind of "eh"

CIPM probably won't teach me much, either, but it will probably teach me a bit more than the ISSMP. Career-wise it's about in the same boat as the ISSMP. Not really asked for or understood by many.

Both are applicable to my current responsibilities. I'm going to take one because, why the heck not, not everybody has the opportunities that I do with training, so I should partake when available.

I think I'm about 51% CIPM vs 49% ISSMP at this point. Anybody have thoughts on either? Taken either? Taken both? Recommend to take or stay away from any? Thanks for the thoughts!


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    Not knowing your role or career plans, I can only tell you what I'd do.

    If I was planning to become a CISO or wanted to reinforce/refresh the my general security management expertise, I'd do ISSMP (and schedule the CISM for immediately after since they cover much of the same ground and CISM is much more recognized).

    If I had a major data classification/DLP/privacy-related compliance project on the horizon, or felt that I would benefit more from focusing on data and privacy issues, then I'd do CIPM.

    I agree that neither make you more visible at least not at first glance. But for consideration for a CISO role the CISSP-ISSMP is sort-of the equivalent of a CISSP + CISM.
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