How to practice IDS/IPS?

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I have an home lab with 3 1841's, 2 2950's and one ASA 5510.

I want to know how can I practice IDS/IPS subject without having the signature files...
Is there any way to do so? Aren't there any sample files free for download for this purpose? Any ideas?



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    Sorry, I'm not up on my Cisco hardware, but a question I'll ask is does the ASA have IDS/IPS capabilities?
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    I was thinking about IOS/IPS, as ISR routers (such as 1841) include native IPS capabilities.
    Anyway, from what I've been seeing in video courses, .pkg signature files are needed... I just want to know if there is any way to test/practice this without these signature files (or if a sample file can be downloaded for free for example).
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    Sorry I can't help you. Maybe someone else here... My guess would be that you need to subscribe to Cisco's service to get any signature files. Otherwise it's easy to test it's IPS capabilities once you get signatures - just download Nessus (free) and start scanning your network with it. A properly tuned IDS/IPS should detect/clamp down on that extremely quickly
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    I don't know about Cisco's policy about sharing signature files.. Is this allowed? Can anyone share a sample file just for testing purposes?
    Appreciate if someone can help.

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