Passed Sec + -- surprisingly!

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With a score foo 804 I passed the Sec + after 4 weeks of intense study. The test felt really weird at first, as there seemed to be a lot of focus on material only quickly touched in my study methods. Only 2 simulations, 2 being easy and one being the most minimalistic in terms of information they gave you ( something about identifying an attack on your network).

In all honesty, I had figured I had failed the test until I saw my score.

Study materials/methods:
- Security+: SY0-401 Study Guide by Darril Gibson ( book only, did not get then online material)
- Practice exams in the DG book
-InfoSec Security + Lab's handbook
- Professor Messmer videos & Study Note PDF
- David Prowse YouTube videos
- CompTIA Sample Questions

My Advice: Really know the acronyms. I think I worked more on studying the port numbers and not enough really focusing on the nitty-gritty of the acronyms.


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