CCSK Passed

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So just got done taking the CCSK (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge) exam online and passed with a score of 92%!

It wasn't a terrible hard test and in my opinion goes over cloud security in a very high overview and is passable by anyone looking to learn more about the cloud and the security it encompasses. The prep guide for the exam on their site said that 92% of the test was covered in the CSA pdf guide which they have available directly on their site for free. I only read this once, going through thoroughly, highlighting important sections. It is about 170 pages and read it in about a week and a half.

Other then that, being an open book test, I was able to skim through the guide on questions I wasn't sure of and usually able to find the answer... The test is 60 questions and you have 90 minutes to answer them. Which gives you more then enough time to look for answers in the guide as long you know the majority of them from your studies. (I actually hate open book tests for that reason, but it is what it is)

I took this test as I plan on going after the CCSP soon. The new ISC2 CCSP guide comes out in May, so am probably going to wait for that book to come out. In the meantime I will probably review the CSA guide and look over some NIST publications. And possible look into some AWS videos...


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    I look forward to your CCSP review.
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    Congrats! You will do well on the CCSP also.
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    Thanks guys!

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    Thats all the material you need. I would also suggest you look at some of the VMware documents when it comes to some items related to resources, limits, reservations etcs. They have that online on their website, also free as a reference.
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