Ordered ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer home-study course

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I sat-and-passed the CISSP in December 2014 and the CISA in December 2015 (top 20%) and then thought, what to do next? I passed both on the first go so my ego was tickled enough to make me think I can pass certification exams with little woe. Of course I might crash-and-burn and come unstuck, but while I'm seemingly on-a-roll...

So I spent a bit of time studying what seemed to both be required by clients and what took my fancy. Seeing as establishing or contributing to the establishment of ISMS comprises quite a bit of what I do, something in that line most appealed.

As I work principally in the UK and Europe I took a look at the IT Job Watch site for contractors, first for the CISA skill, then the CISSP and scrolling down the pages, looked at what seemed to be most sought-after skills to accompany these certifications;

CISA Contracts, Contractor Rates for CISA Qualifications
CISSP Contracts, Contractor Rates for CISSP Qualifications

In both cases 'ISO/IEC 27001' is inside the top five client requests.

For the CISA the next most sought after certification is the CISSP, with ISO/IEC 27001 4th and for the CISSP its 'Information Security' at 1st, ISO/IEC 27001 at 3rd and the CISA at 5th.

For ISO/IEC 27001 itself, the next most sought-after skill is 'Information Security' (eh, of course!), followed by the CISSP and CISA at 7th.

The CISM is more popular than ISO 27001, but I still like being hands-on and so that certification doesn't appeal.

So I've ordered a home-study ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer course, which is derived from PECB and consequently ISO/IEC 17034-compliant (that is, not a buck-shy certification that isn't actually ISO/IEC accredited).

I won't say who the vendor is yet as I don't want to send someone down the wrong route if it doesn't work out for me. I'll report on how I get on with it in due course. the vendor wants the course and examination taken inside 90 days and the examination and certification fees are paid-for up-front as part of the package cost.


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    Hi there,

    I have just finished CISSP and am looking at the 27001 Lead Implementer course. Curious to know how you got on with home study course as that would be my preferred option too. Thank you for input.

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    why take 27001 LI not LA ?
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    Interesting this thread has come up. I've been planning ISO27001 training. I was looking at LA then LI. Seemed to be the most common-sense way to do it.
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    where to buy the material self study ? as far i know they didnt sell it directly...
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