Passed CEH 4/1

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After failing by three questions on 3/18, I passed today with a 91%. My course mentor's study guide helped as well as Boson and Skillset. I had a bit of issues with streaming the CEH videos and DISA has BLOCKED ilabs. Next certifications are either 70-685 or 70-686, ITIL, and my CISSP after I finish my masters. I am also looking at other security certs but that will depend on my career path.


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    ablindsey wrote: »
    .... My course mentor's study guide helped as well as Boson and Skillset....

    congratulation first of all. I passed CEH few weeks ago and I would like to have your advice on Skillset website since I want to prepare CHFI and Boson doesn't provide exam simulations.

    1)Did you find Skillset practice exam useful? I noticed there were only 100 questions for CEH to meke practice while on Boson more than 500.
    2)90 $ for a month and having 100 questions to study I think it's poor ...
    3)Does Skillset provides you explanation for each questions ? Boson and TRanscender do
    4)Complexity of Skillset questions ... did they cover all the CEH blue points ?

    Thank you for your advice .
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    Congratulations. I'll taking the CEH soon.
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    Skillset was pretty good for this, you have to weed through the badly written questions but considering some of the actual exam questions are written in a confusing manner, it helps.

    I used the free version of Skillset, I would practice them at work between vulnerability patching.

    It depends on who wrote the question, some have explaination some do not.

    I also took advantage of free trials of CBT nuggets and Pluralsight to watch some of the video trainings as I had constant issues with the ECCOUNCIL videos
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    I had to wait an extra length of time for my official certificate and transcript because they decided to audit my education and experience even though I am in the WGU Master's program for Cyber Security and Information Assurance. I ended up having to contact my student mentor and after my multiple calls and emails EC Council told my mentor that I was not supposed to be audited. Though it took them until Monday to release my exam results allout.gifallout.gifallout.gif
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    Congrats, Boson helped me too.
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