Microsoft or LINUX certification

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I have a plan to start my career in IT as LINUX administrator and developer.
But I do not have any working experience in this industry.
I can code in C/C++ and I would like to improvr my skill in LINUX.

My first step would be to get certifications and internship job. But in LINUX I think
more difficult to start than with Microsoft exams.

Just I need a suggest what I can start? LINUX or Microsoft exams.

What is your experience?

Thank you


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    Do both, just start with one. Coding is mostly the same across platforms
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    If you want to work in the Linux realm, I would focus on it & not on anything Microsoft. I would also decide whether or not you want to be a developer or an administrator. It's not likely you'll be both.

    If you want to be an enterprise admin:

    - learn Linux (Red Hat Certs make the most sense)
    - Learn Storage
    - Learn virtualization (VMware).
    - Learning Bash and stuff like Puppet might help
    - Knowing NAGIOS might be a good idea too. It's common on Linux based networks

    If you want to develop

    - Learn Linux (RH or Debian track)
    - Learn Python, Ruby on Rails, etc, etc, etc.
    - Toss in some Android development

    The Linux exams aren't more difficult than the Windows exam. It's just the learning curve to master the OS is longer. But, on the flipside, not as much changes. I started using Linux with RH 4 or 5. GUI's aside, a good portion of it is much the same as it was 15 years ago.

    A really good place to look for an entry level job is working for an internet based company (ISP, web host, etc). The pay won't be great but you get lots of hands on.

    Good luck & stay focused.
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    I'm biased. My job wants me to get the MCSE for Server Infrastructure and Communication.

    I say that Microsoft certifications never hurt and if you use Windows frequently will show you more about the OS than you think you know.

    However, I am also going for the Linux+ and I think its a great certification.

    It comes down to which platform intrigues you the most.
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    you want to improve your Linux skills but you think Linux is more difficult than Microsoft so you want to do Microsoft certification first? How's this gonna improve your Linux skills (that's your goal right)?

    Get Linux on a VM machine and start smashing the RHCSA course and pass it, it's not that hard, you just need to practice practice practice.
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    UnixGuy wrote: »
    Get Linux on a VM machine and start smashing the RHCSA course and pass it, it's not that hard, you just need to practice practice practice.

    This is spot on. I wanted to learn more about Linux, since I am not familiar with it and eventually want to take on more of a systems role at work. So, I got Sander Van Vugts RHCSA course. I am not even a quarter of the way through the course and I have learned a great deal. Most importantly, I have learned that Linux - while there is a learning curve, is not the monster that I expected it to be.

    Long story short - if you want to get better at something, practice that something. Why learn a similar skill when you could go ahead and learn the skill that you want?
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    Do Linux. I've found the Linux stuff easier than the MS stuff. Also, your C/C++ will help you more in getting Linux roles than MS roles.

    I think with the growth of devops, ability to code/script/automate is a great skill to develop, and if you can write decent code already, you're half way down that path.
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    Also, nitpick, but if you want to be a Linux dev, you shouldn't capitalize every letter, it's not an acronym.
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