Passed My CCNP!!!!

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I finally finished my Tshoot exam couple weekes ago. I'm a full CCNP R&S now!!!! It's a million dollars feeling let me tell ya'll. I labbed real hard for last 3 months.

I used the regular Cisco Press Tshoot book, INE & CBT Nuggets videos. Also was able to get some sample pre-created trouble tickets from a buddy of mine & worked on them.

What really helped me was the CCIE v5 videos from INE. Brian Macgahan goes way deep into every piece of technology in R&S.

I mainly used Packet Tracer v6.2 for the Lab.

My next goal is to get my VCP6-DCV in next couple months since I already took the 5 day training class at my job. And then jump on the RHCSA track.

If everything goes according to the plan, January of 2017 will be the starting date of my life long Dream, CCIE journey.

I also plan to get a Dell R710 server with 96gig RAM, Dual Quad core Xeon Procs & 6 NIcs to I can drop the Cisco VIRL ISO on it for CCIE Lab practice.

Wish you guys, who is prepping for the Tshoot exam, best of luck.


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    Congrats! That is certainly a big achievement, 3 exams for 1 great cert.
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    Thank you so much.
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    Congrats on getting NP, I am sure it is a great feeling. Hopefully I can join the ranks of this cool kid club within this month.
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