CISSP practice tests ?

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My studying is going faster than expected

CISSP Sybex 7th (main source)
CISSP 3rd Edition by Eric Conrad (secondary)

The book questions have been rather easy (so far) and helpful but looking for another source or two to get practice tests as I hear over & over the exam is different?

Current practice ones I have / tried
1) Sybex CISSP (ISC)2 Official App by Learn Zapp
Platform: universal iOS app
Cost : $9.99
Pros: Official App, both Chapter & Practice (think mid-terms) tests available, flashcards included, marking feature
Cons: Same questions / flashcards as the Sybex book, no historical feature

2) CISSP EXAM 2016 by Yin Kai Leung Joseph
Platform : iPhone iOS app
Cost : $7.99 (or $8.99 bundled w/flashcards)
Pros : 1600 questions, separate (additional $) flash card app available
Cons : some answers are incorrect in grading but correct in review, no historical review feature besides last test taken, no exam larger than 100 questions, clunky design, no question marking feature

*** considering ***

3) CISSP CBK-4 Exam Prep 2016 by Pocketprep
Cost : $29.99 (or $26.99 on sale now)
Platform : universal iOS app
Pros: History available, test very configurable
Cons: only 600 questions in bank? (states in description)

4) CCCure
Cost: $50 for 1 month
Pros : seems to be the go-to practice tests for CISSP ?
Cons: cost is subscription based


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    Yes, the tests will always be different from the commercial practice materials. Think of it this way: If its available to you the test taker. That same material is likewise available to the test writers as well.

    My addendum to that is there is SO MUCH material available that it should really matter much what quiz book you use any more.

    Do a resource count on Amazon and you'll see over 1000 pieces of study material.


    - b/eads
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