Somewhat funny story about my friend and his experience.

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My friend and I have been preparing for 70-270 for a little bit now, he originally had the test scheduled for today, but realized he was going to need more time and was going to push it back to sometime in April. Well it turns out he forgot to cancel it, and realized that last night, but of course it was too late to cancel. He figured mine as well go for it since you lose the money either way, so he stayed up till like 4 studying. He took it and failed with a 632, but he said it was not really that bad of a test. He was very under prepared, he had not even finished reading the exam cram book, and barely did any practice tests, and the ones he did take he said he was scoring 70s on. I think that’s a pretty decent score considering his lack of preparation and it makes me a little less scared of the exam. He plans to take his second chance test sometime in April.


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    Thats why the second chance is great. Go and give it your best the first time. If you fail, come back in a couple weeks and you'll be much more calm and collected.
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