CEH- Do i need to remember the ports?

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being in IT for a long time, everyone knows common ports. my question is about ports like 7777 for Tini. Do we need to remember all ports for trojans, backdoors, RATs etc?



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    It's 125 questions and covers a lot of ground. You might get a question or 2 or 3 that relies on knowing a common port for a trojan, but knowing this stuff isn't pass/fail on its own. It's probably more important that you recognise common ports for services, the port ranges (registered, well-known, dynamic), since that's easier to learn and helps across a few areas.

    The exam information isn't really, really, really detailed, but it does give you a better indication than many exams of how many questions on what to expect.
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    Here the list I learn :
    20-21 FTP
    22 SSH
    23 Telnet
    25 SNMP
    42 WINS
    53 DNS
    80-81 HTTP
    88 Kerberos
    109 POP2
    110 POP3
    111 Linux Port mapper
    119 NNTP (newgroups)
    123 NTP
    135 Windows RPC-DCOM
    137 Netbios Name Service
    138 Netbios Datagram Service
    139 Netbios Sessions
    143 IMAP
    161 SNMP Agent
    162 SNMP Traps
    389 LDAP
    445 CIF/SMB
    514 SYSLOG
    1080 Sock5
    3389 RDP
    6667 IRC
    7777 Tini
    12345 Netbus
    31337 (mean eleet) Backorifice

    For the other current Trojan you can learn, me I didn't.
    421 TCPWrappers
    666 Doom
    667 Spipernet
    1080-1081 WinHole
    1095 RAT
    1807 SpySender
    2140 Deep Throat
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