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Trying to find out a little about these guys. I was called today and spoke with a guy. He made it sound really good, but I've been reading a lot of bad reviews. Would something like this be a good idea or am I just as well of self-studying the free resources like Professor Messer and picking up the Mike Meyers books?

Just for background, I was a radio guy in the army. Got out 6 years ago. During that time I also cross trained on the LAN and Satellite Node. Lot of cool stuff and really enjoyed. Wish I had had the sense to pursue all of this back then when I could still remember most of it.

Right now I'm looking to get my A+, Network+ and Security+. Maybe work on some Microsoft certs afterwards and see where it gets me.


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    Don't know anything about CBT Campus, but, since you want to earn the CompTIA triad, you can actually prepare for those with very little expense. I took the Mike Meyers A+ training on Got it during a sale for $10. Got his Network+ training for the same price. I think they're on sale now for $35. He's currently working on video Security+ training. I took his video A+ training, and it was great. He doesn't read from slides. Instead, he pulls out pieces of equipment and shows you real life examples. His goal is for you to learn the material and not just pass the test. I haven't taken his Network+ training yet, but I'm guessing it's just as good.

    For Security+, I used Darril Gibson's Get Gertified Get Ahead study guide. Just search on Amazon. Darril focuses on knowledge and skills more so than just passing the test. I also used his accompanying website.

    You can also find excellent free training at
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