When I will be ready for the EXAM ???

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Hi all,

I've read many comments on this forum about passed not passed the exams what I did, what I didn’t etc.
I think that is good to depict (at least hypothetically) a standardize process that someone should made before try to test his self on this exam.
Of course as a pre-requisite on this marathon I consider that someone should first have read and totally understand the point behind the subject of CBK. (reading the well know book setup AIO, Sybex, Eric).

But what next?? Taking the opportunity on this point I have made the tests from these books and I’m in a score of almost 80%

Then what? should I go to try myself?
Is the tests from these books accurate? (Because I haven’t heard positive comments about this type of questions and I mean that are not very close to the actual type of questions of what probably someone see on the real exams).
In addition the questions from the books examine you on a topic << if you know it or not>>, and of course in more or less 10 days you can easily answer the question as you will memorize a lot of them.

So should I buy some from the bunch of tests that are available outside (CCC, Trancedent)?
Are more realistic ? if Yes what score should I take that will give me confidence?
About the CAMP I’m not very positive for many reasons (cost, some places have better CAMPS that other).



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    To steal what Mike7 said in another thread:
    To gauge your understanding of the 8 CISSP domains, you can do the chapter review questions first. If you are scoring close to 100% for a chapter, it means you have a good understanding of that domain. Focus your reading on chapters where you do not score as well.

    So 80% might be good, but what are you getting on a per domain breakdown? Are there any particular domains you are weak on and can focus some energy on?
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