Preparation for the MTA Database Fundamentals 98-364 Exam

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I'm very new to SQL Server and I wish to progress my career in database administration. I currently work as a Business Support Analyst and I use SQL Server to run basic queries but I do lack enough knowledge to be able to write complex queries for data analyst and build reports and understand how databases are built/managed. I feel that the MTA Database Fundamentals exam will aid me here but so far the learning resources I have looked up do not seem very helpful.

Amazon have 2 books to prep users for this exam but after reading the bad reviews people have posted, this doesn't fill me with much confidence and these books are not cheap! For those who have passed this exam, please can anyone advise how you went about studying for this exam and what learning material did you use? This is coming from a complete beginner in SQL Server and databases so any material on a beginner level will be much appreciated :)

Thank you!


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    Go the below site and get all the books you need for free. Some that might help you i have mentioned below.
    SQL Server 2012 Tutorials: Writing Transact-SQL Statements
    SQL Server 2012 Tutorials: Reporting Services
    Transact-SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) Reference

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    Hello there, thank you for your response. The link you provided doesn't seem to work? It says Page Not Found icon_sad.gif
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    Works for me fine. Search on google for this "I’m giving away MILLIONS of FREE Microsoft eBooks again!" It will be the first hit on the page.
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    Thank you for your help, looking up the link in Google seems to have done the trick. Just had a look at the free online books now, you've been really helpful, thank you :)
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    No problem, those should be more than enough to get you started, there are other books there that might be relevant to you.
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    Hi SJ,

    I just saw your question on the MTA DB exam. If you needed some helpful hints I have posted it here:

    Tools & Techniques I used:

    1. I watched all the Lynda - Database fundamentals videos, and worked alongside the tutor - simultaneously have the SSMS open, and write & execute queries and see the results. Then work on the questions and see the solutions.

    2. Got Pluralsight membership and Trainsignal videos and watched through them (Trainsignal tutor worked better for me, grasping concept-wise).
    - IF you can't get these, then BEST way will be to start with W3Schools - SQL tutorial. Simple, free and very good training.

    3. Didn't buy the Microsoft Press book on this exam. So I relied on the videos and actually writing queries and thinking through.

    4. I don't know your skills background, but EVERYTHING (including thinking like a database person) was new to me - the environment, multiple ways to set up a table, view, writing stored procs. etc. Get familiar with this - it will give you confidence.

    5. Since the MTA exam tier assumes that you don't have much real-world experience, the KEY is theoretically understanding WHY & HOW the database is structured the way it is. This will help.

    6. When testing, be calm and think what you would do if you were actually sitting in an office as a DB person doing Database work for someone.

    Wish you much Luck!
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