801 Exam

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Hey all,

So I took the 801 exam today and passed with a 675 I was a little disappointed in my score as I had been studying for the last 2 weeks and had attended a 2 week course prior to that from my resettlement leaving the forces.

But a pass is a pass so needles to say I had a little celebration.

My study content after the course was a mix of different exams from different sites, youtube videos and study books I recieved from the company who ran the course, the videos were all from professor messer see the links below for the content.


Moving forward now Looking at booking my 802 exam a few questions and feedback will be greatly appreciated :

1. How long roughly should I give myself before sitting the 802 ?
2. What is the best way to prepare for the 802 ?

I look forward to hearing everyone's feedback



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