90 questions in 90 minutes?

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How did you find this? I think it's not long enough.. haven't sat the exam but I can imagine its going to be a rush job.


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    alot of questions aren't trouble shooting questions, but more like memorizing facts. If know the answers most of the questions should only take about 15 seconds.
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    Also the questions are not that long, so reading should not take too much time... 1 min/question I think is more than enough for VCP. But it all depends on how comfortable you are with the topics.
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    I took BOTH the exams today. I did so without studying a thing. Scheduled them last night at like 730-8pm.

    Got there, took first, passed. Finished 80 questions in like 33 minutes.

    Second exam kind of made me mad because the PV portal said I couldn't schedule it back-to-back. Ended up having to be 45minutes apart. When I got to the test center, I mentioned something to the proctor lady, she said let her know when I'm done and I can take a short break and she will set up the other. She did!

    Took a 10 minute break, sat for second one. Passed, Finished 83 questions in like 25minutes.

    No reason for MORE time!
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    I took the 801 today and found 90 minutes was more than enough time and I blanked out a lot.
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    G.O.A.T wrote: »
    How did you find this? I think it's not long enough.. haven't sat the exam but I can imagine its going to be a rush job.

    You list that you are from the UK, but I suspect that in your lifetime you have taken a standardized exam or two in your days? As far as CompTIA goes, this texting scenario is not the first year of 90 min for 90 questions, so rest assured, it is likely well within the abilities of the average beginning technician.

    Also, the exams are geared toward candidates WITH experience in the field, therefore, the Q&A should follow along with one's experience making most questions very quick to answer (say 10-15 seconds) and a few longer thought provoking questions (maybe 3-4 minutes).

    If you can successfully answer the content listed on the objectives, I would say you should feel confident in taking your exam(s) and performing well.

    Best wishes.
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    @Graffix congratulations, I assume you had previous knowledge/experience? not everyone does so your circumstances are different to mine and others. From the sounds of it this exam seemed way beneath your skillset and was likely a walk in the park?
    Congrats again!
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    Thanks! I haven't actually done anything with like "A+" concepts in about 3-4 years actually as I'm more like IT Security focused now. Just from what I've seen in like A+ books, a good portion of the information hasn't changed and if you at least have a general knowledge of what is going on in the IT world today (mobile, cloud, etc), and a bit from the past, you should be able to pass it without issue.

    Just my 2cents though.
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    You need to update your list of certs to include A+ :D
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    It's been 10 years since I took the A+, but truthfully it's plenty of time :) . I know it seems like it wouldn't be nearly enough but I've always finished all of my exams with plenty of time leftover. Get some good practice exams and run through them a few times to get an idea of where you stand and how you're doing on time.
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    You will breeze through the exam if you study in about 45 minutes. When I took mine, many years ago ;), the questions were much more wordy and I was done in 30 minutes or less.
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