Windows 2003 Server CAL Question

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Hi all,

A friend of mine has told me that I will not need to purchase any CAL's for all users that have a windows XP license (we have a volume license agreement). Can somebody let me know if this is true and if there is anywhere on the web where this can be confirmed in writing?

This would save us a few punds to say the least!

Thanks all. Karl


  • eurotrasheurotrash Member Posts: 817
    if that was the case, there would be no CALs.

    you might need them or you might not, depending on what you do with the machines.
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  • OpiOpi Member Posts: 127
    you would always need a CAL
    per seat or per server
    for the machines connecting to the server
    - you only ftp to the server
    - you only telnet to the server
    - you only make anonymously usage of the pages hosted on the server via IIS

    Correct me if i'm wrong
  • JuddJudd Member Posts: 132
    Server 2003 CAL's no longer use the "per seat" mode of licensing.

    If you require user access and use of a server, that user, or machine MUST have a CAL.

    You can purchase server CAL’s that allow a certain number of concurrent connections to the server. Once that number has been reached, no other users or devices will have access. This is "Per Server" licensing

    You can purchase server CAL's for users or devices. You need either a CAL per device or a CAL per user. This is Per User or Per Device licensing. All details can be found at the following URL.
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