Trouble passing Security+

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So i recently took my Security+ and failed. This was not my first attempt and I really thought i was prepared this time. The sources i used to study was Darril Gibsons book, Army Skillport, and Exam Cram test prep book.

I need to obtain either this or another exam under the DoD 8570 baseline certifications. Someone mind sharing how they studied to pass their exam or maybe even recommending another exam to take?

FYI: i have been in the networking field for about a year and a half.


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    I think that you should focus on a single source of information for this exam.

    For me I used Darril Gibsons book and his online (Paid) questions database and Audio Files, that was enough for me to pass Security+.
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    I haven't taken the exam yet, so for what its worth.... do you know what your weak spot(s) was/were on the exam? Acronyms, port numbers, obscure question where no answer seemed correct/appropriate? My understanding is that these three are the most prevelant issues.

    Darril's book has a good acronym list in the appendix and there is a port table/list and a hashing/encryption algorithm table/list in the book. Regarding the obscure question issue... check out Darril's video on performance based questions here ( although the video is focused on answering performance based questions, it provides an example of a standard question that is obscure. The answer is not obvious and you have to think through each answer and why one particular answer is "better" than the rest, in order to find the "best" answer. This helps provide some insight into how you need to think about and approach the exam. Without experience, you may be struggling for the insight on how to answer these questions. You really need to study the concept and understand it forward and backward.
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    Another thought... Use Darril's "Objective to Chapter Map" in the Introduction. Go line by line through the list and make sure you fully understand each item. After studying this stuff for a while, it is easy to focus on your weak spots and forget all about the other areas and then let that information slip out of memory. Before taking the test, review the map again and make sure you're not forgetting anything.
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    Jimmy, i felt your pain. As I too was required by DoD Directive to pass the Security+ exam, and it must be Security+. It took me a month of almost none stop studying before i took my exam. I took the exam the first time 04/22/2016 (very nervous going into it because it could affect my job) and passed with 793. Now, to share with you how I studied for my test. I read over the training book i got from the class once, a decent size book, not too bad. Once I got the idea of each concept and what this exam expects of me. I started to focus on taking as many example questions as I could. I find a lot of them online and just go through and answer them. So in a month, I went through about 1300 questions. Each time i answer a question and it it took me more than 15 seconds to think about the answer or less than 80 sure of the answer, I would mark them down. Any questions I can answer right away, I don't look at them anymore. I did this for 1300 or so questions. In the end, I found my weakness was on Encryption and Access control, and just focus more on those. This was how i studied. I hope this method can help you and good luck. It can be very stressful, I know.
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    I passed this morning after failing last week with a 698. I have so much text anxiety, that I was certified in Security+ for the 301 exam but i let it expire because I left DoD. Well 5 years later, back with DoD and I needed it again. The exam was so much harder than I remember. I used Darill Gibson's book and it got me a score of 808. My goal was just to pass it and I am satisfied.

    OP, Good luck and don't give up
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    When I took the Sec+ 2 years ago I used the Mike Meyers CompTIA Security+ Passport book as my only source of study material and passed on the first attempt but I also have several years of IT experience. I found the Security+ to actually be the easiest of the A+, Net+, and Sec+ even though CompTIA considers the Sec+ to be the highest level of those 3 exams. When I study for an exam I put in at least 4 hours a day 5 days a week. I read that book through twice in 6 weeks and then the weekend before the exam I read it all the way through again. I also took the free practice exams that came on the CD with the book every other day until I was passing them with 100%. Hopefully that helps at least a little. Make sure to get a good night's sleep the night before the exam and eat a good breakfast before you sit for it. Have you taken either the A+ or Net+? If not you might want to consider starting with one of those - especially the Net+ as I found having a lot of those fundamentals out of the way helped with the Sec+ too. I hope that helps a little. Good luck!
    All the best,

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    If this is not your first fail - go and take Net+ and, then go back to Sec + since it will make more sense. Not sure of DoD8570 but CompTIA exams are pretty easy to pass using book and practice exams.
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