10 Points from my CCNP Route

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So i went in to do my CCNP route yesterday and somehow forgot my picture ID, the lady allows me 30 mins to go and get it, luckily i live about 20 mins away from the test centre.

I then go on and confidently take my exam, press the end exam expecting a pass and see 780 and the pass score is a 790.

While doing the exam i was not able to though save my configs on the Simulations, some people tell me that doesn't matter some tell me it does, the examiner says i should've told her as others have had that problem, she will open a ticket and i should check with pearson on wednesday, anybody can tell me if they had that experience.

Sorry for the long post, just really disappointed.


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    Saving the config does not matter, unless it's one of the explicit steps in the question, so unfortunately not why you failed. Hit the books and get that pass next time. Good luck!
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    I totally feel you on this. I actually failed Route the same exact way (within 10 points). I think it's definitely one of the more heart breaking ways to fail. You basically know the stuff but you just goofed in a few small areas. I'd defiantly make sure you get the exam rescheduled as soon as possible and go back and get it passed for good! Good luck!
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    Im definitely rescheduling it for next week friday, reviewing all my notes and will jump back into it.

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    so did you re-test? Im sure you passed. Hey man i did the exact. same. thing. Missed by 10 points, thought i had it. Saving the config does not matter. I retested as soon as i could, about 6 days and i passed
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    Yea i rescheduled, just came out of the exam and passed with an 809, Glad time to run up on that TSHOOT and complete the trio, CCNP here i come
  • Codeman6669Codeman6669 Member Posts: 227
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