Is this a good certification path?

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Would eventually like to specialize in security.

A+(Completed)>Network+>CCENT/CCNA>MCSA: Windows 10> Security+>CCNA Security> MCSA:Windows Server 2016> Advanced security certs afterwards


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    Yeah, it's not too bad. The only thing is you are doing two (or three) parallel tracks. So, A+ (-> Net+) -> Win10 -> Win Server is like an OS stream. Net+ -> CCNA R+S -> CCNA Sec is networking. Net+ -> Sec+ -> CCNA Sec is like a net security stream.

    Chopping and changing streams might make things a challenge. Possibly, move MCSA Win 10 before CCNA R+S, since it has good overlap with A+. And you could move Sec+ earlier, if you wanted, but definitely I'd do it before CCNA Sec or Win Server, but after Net+.

    I don't think that it would make much difference, and probably what you feel most comfortable with is going to matter a lot more. As you go through the study, you might decide that you are more interested in something over something else.

    Are you working in IT yet? Looking for work? Because that can also affect how you do things. If you were in a HelpDesk role dealing with Windows stuff, then you'd probably find studying the Windows stuff easier. If you were doing networking, then the Cisco stuff is easier. Grab the low hanging fruit first.
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    A+ (Acquired)>Network+>CCENT/CCNA>MCSA: Windows 10> Security+>CASP> CCNA: Security> CCNP: Security> MCSA: Windows Server 2016> MCSE: Windows Server 2016> GIAC: Security Essentials> GIAC Information Security Professional> ISC2> CEH> ISACA> GIAC: CED> GIAC: Security Leadership>CCIE:Security>CISSP>CISM> CRISC> CISA

    • Masters in InfoSecurity as well.

    Just updated it, guess I have everything planned out for the next 15-20 years haha.
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    Yeaaaa, honestly I would recommend not trying to plan out far ahead. Too many things change, you also want to be working on things that are going to help your current job. And when you switch jobs, you might need/want to go in another direction.

    The best advice I could give is just focus on one certification at a time. Once you get done with that, see what skills will best help at that moment and at your current position, try to align with the technologies you want to work with, and then plan your next one based on that. Planning all these out sounds like a great idea at the moment, but it really doesn't help. I'm pretty sure I tried to do the same thing your doing right here (might be one of my first threads on here, not sure). Things change too much in IT and you never know what opportunities you will get in future.
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    What is your goal?

    You have the guys that does the Policies (CISSP) vs Deployment (VPN,IDS,Firewall) (CCNA-sec, CCNP-sec, CCIE-Sec) vs Pen Tester (CEH/OSCP) vs security analyst (incident response, check IDS or firewall logs, forensic).

    From the people that I personally know, the money is in deployment.
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