Sybex 7th & CCCure / domains you wish you focused on?

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So I just finished Chapter 16 of Sybex 7th edition & a chapter day plan which has been working well. (including questions & written labs) Some chapters I spent less than 2 hours but Chapter 11, I spent almost 7 hours! (Secure Network Architecture and Secure Network Components) ... I am familiar with all the material but being to know all of with a closed book is a different story.

Starting CCCure today & after a few rounds will pick a test date. (In my area, I can basically sign up & take the test next day)

Pretty sure I am going to only use Sybex 7th & CCCure, I checked out some of videos but the pace was just too slow. I believe there are some "new" videos so I might go back and check those out.

Looking back, is there any areas you wish you studied more? (2 listed which I have heard)

1. Cloud
2. Identity


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    Hello Coffeeisgood,

    I took the test last November and studied from April 2015 till the test. I really only studied hard the last 2 months though. Of all the domains I would say that Software Development Security (SDS) was my weakest. I have never done much programming in my 20+ years of IT Security, it was never much of an interest of mine.

    I had purchased both the Transcender and CCCure Test banks. Both of which will tell you your weak areas..and SDS was always one of

    As for what I felt was my weakest after I took the test? Hmm, well I would say before the test I was thinking, "Crap! I should have studied Software Development more". In all honestly, I think I really didn't have one area that was on the test that I thought was worse than the others. I would say that the test was a bear, but being prepared to face it and to use good test taking practices was the toughest part. There are questions that are more tricky than the others, without a doubt, but I think those type of questions were pretty spread out among the domains.

    I will say that of all the books I read, I felt the Sybex Study book helped the most.

    Good Luck
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