I am about to graduate in four months what cert do i need?

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I already have a fulltime job doing technical supourt with a corpration. I will have my bachelor in information security system this summer. I already have my associate in computer networking engineer. But i have no certs i want to get my A+,NET+,Security+ by graduation so i can land a good job. Can someone give me some advice.


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    Well I see you live in Chicago, I don't know how the tech field is up there, but about where I live (Tampa, FL) there is an abundance demand in Cisco (CCNA). I recommend you get your CCNA and MCSE, shows that you really mean business. One word of advice, take your classes in a college, not learning centers such as New Horizons, they are the biggest waste of time you will ever have.
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    yah took two classes at new horizons. visio class was a freaking joke. just showed u how to drag and drop. SQL database class was good though. but still way too expensive. but yah ccna mcse, if u want to be an admin, or network guy.
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    i want to get my A+,NET+,Security+ by graduation so i can land a good job.
    Well, you are getting the experience -- and that will be the most important thing that will help you get a job.

    The certifications are just things that might get your resume pulled from a stack because of a keyword search -- its your experience that may get you the call for an interview.

    It does sound like you have a plan -- check out the CompTIA forum for book/study recommendations.

    Your certifications after that (Cisco or Microsoft are 2 good ones to consider) probably would be determined by the job you get after graduation.
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    Thanks for the advice!! I am afraid that after i get out of college i am not going to get a job. I did not attend new horizions that school is a joke. I went to a school called westwood college technology it's very good school. I got my B.A. in less than three years i got alot hands on experience there that was the best part of going there. Thanks for all your response.
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    it will take you about three to four months to find a job with your expirience and the only one you should consider getting right now is your A+, with your training at westwood you are wasting your money on a NET+ just go for your CCNA . the only reason i got my NEt + was because my boss wanted me to but they paid for it. hope this helps. from your fellow Alumni member Jeff Lewis.
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    Yeah but most employers want you to have your A+,Net+,CCNA. I want to get it so i can land me a good networking position like assistant administrator or something like that. What did you use to study for your ccna?
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    even with expirience you more than likley won't get that admin position right out of college. most places even want their jr admins with at least 3 yrs of supporting a network if your current employer is willing to promote you to an admin with those certs go for it. but thats about your best chance of getting an admin position right now. you are going to have to start somewhere near the bottom now if you are gonna go to a different company. Then after a year or two they might give you that oppertunity.I not trying to be negative i am just enlightening you on your job search for the near future. And as far as studying, my friend use to work for cisco and got great disounts on equipment. so between all of my friends we have our own personal lab setup which really helps alot. and for me i don't really have a hard time with trying to remeber the concepts so i really don't have any study tips for you. the Cisco books that we got from the school are your best bet if they haven't been updated yet. Also i have a full router sim if you would like that just email me at [email protected]
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    What type of position do you think i will get with my B.A.? I don't want to work on the help desk when i get out if college. I want to start out as a technician or something in that nature. I know i probally will not get admin job right away but with my experience i should be able to get a good position. I will email you from my hotmail account so you can send me those router sims. What type position do you currently hold? That pretty nice you and your friends have your own test lab setup. Thanks for the advice!!!
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