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Firstly thanks for all your help getting my 2501 routers setup and working, was really struggling until you all helped so much icon_cool.gif

New dilemma though!

Since upgrading all the 2501's to max memory i had a couple of power supplies fail and decided to cut my losses and sell them on. Made a few quid so was quite happy.

I now have:-

2 Switches (2950 and 2924)
1 4700 router with 8 serial ports (thought this would be handy for frame relay)
3 2610 routers
1 2611 router with 2 serial connections
1 2509 router hopefully soon setup to connect to the others from work during the day
And lastly a PIX 501 firewall

Can anyone suggest a good layout for the kit to get most out of it? Currently the 4700 and 2611 are not being used, just have the 2610's linked in together with back to back cables.

I realise the PIX is unnecessary for CCNA but work want me to look after their new firewall so im trying to crash course my way through at least having a basic understanding before im thrown in at the deep end.
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