Just about to book the 70-410, have j done enough???

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Hi, I'm just about to book the 410 exam and was wondering from past experiences if I've covered enough in order to take the exam? The topics I've covered and labbed all of them are:
Installing server 2012 gui
Installing server 2012 server core on hyper v machine
Installed 2 windows 8 machines and joined them to different forests, hyper v
Installed server 2012 gui (another forest) hyper v
Configured hyper v machines etc...
Installed ADDS on each server 2012 machine
Created a trust so that both forest can speak and share folders etc...
Create and configure users and groups from each forest to access shared universal, domain local folders
Created a variety of GPO'S
Mapped network drives using group policy
Created automated home and profile directories for each user
Offline files
Configured storage pools
Automated user accounts using DSADD in excel etc...
Remote desktop services
Configured windows backup
Printer pooling and configuring
Disk quotas and file screenings
DHCP server
DNS server
Configured server core machine and installed ADDS and DNS server onto it along with joining the domain and assigning a static ip and new computer name
Used powershell in a variety of ways, joining computers to domains, moving users into specific OU's, installing features etc...
Configured RRAS, NPS, NAP and created VPN SSTP connection
Created and configured Certificate Authority.

Thanks for the help


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    You do not need NPS and VPN. These are 411 requirements.
    As for your questions...I dunno. You can look through the skills measured from MS Website and check each one.
    That's what i'm doing. I've made an excel with all requirements and I use color coding to keep track.
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    Oh well, it doesn't hurt to future proof even if i dont need them for the exam.
    I just meant for people who've took the exam, does it sound like I've covered the majority of the topics that showed up in the exam?
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    Looks pretty good to me! Best of luck!
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    IP v4 Subnetting? Trust me...
    IPv6 Types of addresses? What type of address is the one with 5EFE?
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    MariusRZR wrote: »
    IP v4 Subnetting? Trust me...
    IPv6 Types of addresses? What type of address is the one with 5EFE?

    Absolutely true. I think I encountered IPv4 subnetting on every single MCSA exam. I did encounter some IPv6 Subnetting on the 410 and just some IPv6 network types on the 412. These are very relevant topics.
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    Yes, absolutely IPv4 and IPv6 subnetting. I had the advantage of already knowing how to subnet before I started studying for this exam as I've had experience with the Cisco Networking Academy and Network+ exam and honestly it's good stuff to know even if not studying for an exam. Learn it and understand it well. Other than that, your labs all look very thorough but truthful you can always use more labbing no matter how many times you do it. Make sure that EVERYTHING you did in the GUI you also can do Powershell. During my 410 studying and now for the 411 I'd learn how to do something in the GUI and then tear it down and do it with Powershell. Good luck on your exam!
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    Yeah i have a N+ and CCNA so IPv4 and 6 and should be fine for me on it, they helped me so much with studying for this exam as it turned out in the end.
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