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Greetings all,
I am currently working towards my MCSE 2003. I have completed the 70-270,70-290,70-291. My question is this: Since I have completed the core for the MCSA, (and passed the arduous 291), should I hit the security+ next and give my brain a bit of rest from MS exams, or hit the 293 next. If I get the security+, then I'll have my MCSA 2003 and can apply the sec+ towards my MCSE 2003. I figure that it will take about 1/1.5 months to complete the Security+ (that's about the time I've spent on each MS exam).
What are your thoughts?

Thanks in advance.. icon_confused.gif:


  • jescabjescab Inactive Imported Users Posts: 1,321
    I say go for the Security+ so you can use it towards MCSE as well
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    Yeah go for Security+ first to get ur MCSA and then do 70-293 70-294 and 70-297 or 70-298 to subsequently get ur MCSE..
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    Thanks for the opinions. I think I will go ahead with the sec+ and then take the remainder of tests for the MCSE. Looks like the sec+ is going to be a bit of fun anyways...from what I have seen thus far.
    Thanks again for your thoughts.
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    You can get the mcsa + security, with all the pertinent exams counting toward MCSE + security.

    Gives you something to put on your resume while taking those last 3 exams :).
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