Passed 290 today with a 796

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On to the beast now I guess!! icon_eek.gif

I went to sit this exam last week at a Prometric center in London and after beginning the exam the pewter crashed icon_eek.gif with access is denied errors. I was only on the third question icon_cry.gif Went and told the rather good looking babe who montiors the exam room and she decided to load the exam on to another machine. Same thing happened again so I was ushered out of the exam room and the babe makes a call to the Prometric helpdesk to try resolve the problem. I was told that there were problems with the exam and Prometric are copying over a new exam for me to sit. After waiting almost an hour I was told that I could now sit the exam so went back in for the third time. Loaded the exam and then get a dst file failed to load error and the exam crashes AGAIN!! icon_cry.gif The babe got back on the phone to their helpdesk and after about half an hour of waiting round I decided to can the exam and re-schedule.

Promteric let me re-schedule to sit the 290 and also gave me another exam to sit for free. RESULT!

Back to the books for 291 now icon_rolleyes.gif
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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    CONGRATZ dude.........
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    congrats, hey, atleast there was a babe.
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    Congratulations on passing the 290. How did you find the exam to be? Was it hard? Did you feel you passed at the end of the exam or did you not know?

    What materials did you use?

    I am taking this in the near future but don't feel I'm ready as of yet.

    Take care,

    Paul P
    NRH, TX
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    Hi Paul,

    I thought I'd failed it at the end, so was pleasantly surprised at the pass. I used ExamCram 2 and MS Press books to study, SelfTest Software for the test preps. I also setup a lab at home using a trial version of Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 which I found very useful.

    I found most of the questions to be long, granular and at times vague. Some questions I ended up reading three or four times just to clarify in my own head what was being asked.

    My sims were configuring SUS, NTFS and share permissions.

    Good luck!

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