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Outside of this forum, what other communities are you apart of to share ideas?


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    To whomever provided negative reputation with the comment of "Learn to use"

    Thank you for this legitimate, although negative, reply. Also thank you for not throwing it out there for all to see I suppose. You see, I'm engaging THIS community for it's vast resources and knowledge in the area. I assure you, my google-fu is top notch and I can find a lot of resources out there. What I'm looking for is a general idea of what the masses are using, not just what I find on google. I'm vetting the results so-to-speak.
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    Ha! sharing ideas... I've been trying for years to get other local infosec people to form a regional ISAC just so we can all exchange ideas and give heads-up to each other regarding anything troubling we're seeing on our networks. Nobody really seems to care... Maybe thats why companies keep getting hacked, it's like i'm trying to pull teeth just to get people to sign up to a 10-person mailing list of the infosec people who work in the company down the street....
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    Yes, I'm starting to learn that myself. Luckily we have a local security group that meets once a month here as well as an OWASP chapter that's starting back up. I understand there are plenty of blogs out there, but I'm looking for more communities (other than IRC) where people in the industry tend to congregate.
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