Sander's virtual machines- additional configuration needed

varelgvarelg Objectives my friend!Banned Posts: 790
Just heads up if you are planning on using virtual machines that Sander Van Vught is providing along with his course, in Virtual Box on Windows. The following is an addition to the guide he already provides on using those virtual machines:
- sha1 checksum is problematic and instead of diverting your focus from your studies to dealing with the checksum tool Microsoft is providing you may want to just delete the .mf files provided in the folder where OVF file is. This doesn't influence the setup already found on the virtual machine you are importing.
- add an optical drive to the labipa's virtual machine and an extra processor. You'll need optical drive if you further want to install VirtualBox Guest Additions. Not needed for server1 and server2, since they are non-graphical servers.
Of course, you could configure 3 VM's with specifications found in the exercises in about the same time it takes to download those VM's, unpack them, follow steps in his guide for additional configuration and import them into Virtual Box...icon_rolleyes.gif
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