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I'm not going to be attempting these anytime soon, but I was curious. I see there is a Penetration Testing Student course and a Penetration Testing Professional course and they correlate with the eJPT and the eCPPT certs. Say if I just wanted to learn a lot about penetration testing and didn't care about the certs.

Would just purchasing the PTP course be good choice? Or do the courses build off of the other, like going from CCNA to CCNP where you need to know the underlying information to understand and succeed at the next one?

Wondering if it would necessary to buy both courses or is it feasible to just jump right into the PTP course?

Again, I probably won't even purchase the courses, I'm more just curious


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    I did both back in 2013. I feel like you can do PTP without the Student entry level course, ONLY, if you have some basic idea of the pentesting methodology. Really, the student course goes over very basic information. PTP definitely is suppose to follow up on that understanding you need from an entry level perspective, in this case PTS course.

    I had read "The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing, Second Edition: Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Made Easy 2nd Edition" before I started the PTS course and it was pretty much identical in nature.

    I believe, eLearnsecurity also allows you take a "demo" run at their PTS course. At some points they have promos where current members can give two free "PTS basics" course in its entirely to friends. I would get the DEMO of the PTS course, go through it and if you like it, then buy the PTP. I am sure you will learn some basics off the PTS course.
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    I'm going to second christone here. Go straight for PTP.
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    NetworkNewb: it's hard to know your technical background, and we don't certs you hold already (gemologist icon_lol.gif)

    I went with eJPT first, because I knew nothing about pentesting, and I cruised through the course without a problem. Doing the PTP now, and It's much more difficult. Depends on your background, your learning style, and what you're after. Doing the student course eJPT didn't really hurt, and I found the course to be fantastic.
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    Then go for it! the reason why I started with PTS is because I had some doubts of whether I want to do pentesting, and I didn't have the needed time to dedicate to it. PTP is excellent
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    yes I did! Welcome to the eLearnSecurity techexams squad icon_lol.gif yes I purchased the elite package. I created a thread for eCCPT, feel free to update it with your progress!
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