Past 4/15 1st Attempt

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HALLELUJAH! :D Just finished the CISSP and PASSED. This forum was really great in sharing good resources on what to study. Thank you all!

Study Materials:

Sybex 7th edition
Conrads 3rd edition
11th hour 2nd edition (older videos not that ones that they just released a week or two ago).
1 week boot camp in Nov 15

Practice questions:

McGraw free online
Sybex Test Bank

I've been studying off and on since Nov 15 but didn't really buckle down until end of Feb when I scheduled the test.
Studied on average an hour a day since then with weekends reading in depth the Sybex book.

I felt that some parts of the exam was more technical that I thought it would be. It took 3 hours and 45 mins to complete with me marking about 40 questions for review. Took 3 short breaks. One at 75 questions one at 160 and one at 200. Reviewed the marked ones and I changed 3 or 4 of them.

One thing I would recommend is watching the exam prep video right before you take the test. Kelly gives you really good tips on how to "think like a manager". Thats what I did when I saw questions that I thought could have more than 1 right answer. I would also try to schedule the test on a Monday since you would have all weekend to prep. I did mine on a Friday and was pretty spent by the time the work week was over.

Good luck to anyone else out there! It's not too bad and was easier than I thought it might be.


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