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I wanted to begin like "hello guys i'm starting the reading for Linux+ blah blah blah" but the truth is I'm scared to death only by starting this certification with the fear of failing ( and the cost of it ).

I haven't check all the objectives yet, but i know I'm not good to memorise command parameters, and I hate programming. And I know linux is almost all about parameter and scripting :D . Also what I know is that I need this certification because I'm working with servers etc and my luck of knowledge in Linux makes it only harder.

First of all I don't know where to begin. I am checking the Pluralsight videos ( there is only one guy that is making the review of Linux+ there) and I don't know if those videos will help me at all... I have installed plenty of times Centos, Red hat, Ubuntu etc but the easy way ( GUI and default auto partition ).

So please give me ideas where to start, what books, what **** sheets to use etc... and what are the chances for someone with only basic experience in Linux to pass this exam....

Thank you all in advance!


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    Hi Chris LEGR,

    I passed my 1st exam yesterday, I.e. LX0-103 with a score of 600. I was in a similar position to you a few weeks ago (I.e. shi***** myself) lol, so iam writing some notes below to give back to the community, so hope it helps.

    (1) I think the 2 main ideas for the Linux+, atleast the lx03 are:
    (a) grasp of concepts , I.e. how Debian package management works, how grub bootloader works, etc
    (b) familiarity with Linux commands and it's switches - sorry but please spend time nailing this - below study material will help, plus practice on command line really helps.

    (2) Study prep - idea is to get a slightly different perspective on the same subject - the first 2 below were my main study sources and were excellent! And also try and practice using a test or virtual machine.
    (a) Book.
    Sybex: CompTIA Linux+ Powered by Linux Professional Institute Study Guide: Exam LX0-103 and Exam LX0-104 , 3rd Edition - Christine Bresnahan, Richard Blum

    (b) Online tutorial - first 46 videos cover lx03 - 7 day free trial.

    (c) Also check out the free course at .

    (3) Practice questions, practice questions, practice questions! These are hard to find but look around - the book above has over 200 which is helpful. Also checkout the "sybex" website which has practice exams in a similar format to test - good mock exam.

    (4) Finally, the exam!! - readup on this but basically, the scoring ranges from 200 to 800 - you need a score of 500 to pass. The exam is weighted, I.e. some questions are scored higher than others - the easier questions are scored higher as they expect you to know basics - go through objectives!!!! So you know what to focus on more.

    BTW I have over 2 years experience working with Ubuntu and a bit if red-hat. I studied for about 2-3 months. Hope that helps. Give yourself enough time to be confident about concepts and Linux commands - don't rush it.

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    The Sybex Linux+ book looks really good. I've got it in my Safari queue. Also Linux Academy videos seem pretty good. Good luck with your studying.
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    Thanks for answering:D

    From what i've read in different threads, I'm concluding that Linux Academy will be the best choice.. I will check the Sybex book as well..

    I'm stressed with all those terminal commands... I believe CompTIA is expecting to know all commands and parameters memorised...
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