How do the official GCIA parctice exams stand up to the real thing

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Hi all
I'm taking the GCIA exam in a few weeks, i have gone through all the course and workbook and i am planning on doing one of the two practice exams next week . Just want to know how the practice exams stand up to the real exam . I know for the GCIH the difficulty and questions were pretty similar between the practice exams and the real thing so sort of hoping it will be the same for the GCIA.


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    so i took the exam and passed ( 86%) . For anyone interested the 2 practice exams you get with GIAC as part of the certification attempt are very similar to the real thing so if you can pass the practice tests you should be able to pass the real thing.
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    That's awesome to hear. I just ordered the ONDEMAND GCIA course.
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