Passed SY0-041 on 1st attempt!

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Yesterday I passed the Sec+ (SY0-041) Exam on my first attempt.

I used Glen E.Clarke's CompTIA Security+ Certification Study Guide 2nd Edition that came with a CD with the PDF book and exam question simulator. I read the book twice, then went through the exam simulator that only had 800 questions. I also went through all of the Exam Objectives' sub-sections and Googled them and read the Wikipedia explanations and followed the links of the quoted references at the bottom of the Wikipedia pages. I found that reading the history of the technologies in question on the Wikipedia pages helped to better understand the underlying technology and reasons behind it.

I know it helped a lot because my exam was one of those ones where the questions were a lot of nonsensical gibberish, but you had to pick up on the root of the question because of key words such as "technical control" or "technology used", then read each and every word of all of the answers that look like any one of them looks like it would be the answer. Then the bottom line is, there is only one of the possible answers has a technical function in it. I only had maybe 8 or less straight forward question and answer multiple choice type questions. There were 72 questions and I flagged about 62 of them. I ran out of time going through them and changed my answer on at least 3 of them, and only made it to the halfway point of the flagged questions. All the sims were at the beginning and I think I only had like 6 of them. I thought I did badly, but after I got done with their survey....... I saw the "Congratulations" word pop up in front of me and a score of 830.

I did take the CompTIA Net+ back in March '03 and passed that one on the 1st try with a paperback of Mike Meyers and read through that one twice. Since I was already building a fully meshed VPN WAN at the time, I spent a lot of time on the Cisco site and doing practical learning in a production environment.

Bottom line, learn it. Read it's history to better understand it. Learn from the real world and you'll do fine. I thought I failed, but I seem to have done good.


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