How to switch my career into Security platform ?

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This is my first post here, though I have been reading lot of post and excellent suggestions from all amazing people here.
I am working as Unix Administrator from past 16 years, working on various flavor of Unix and virtualization. I want to switch my career (or can say, I want advancement in my career) to security/cybersecurity field. I am looking for suggestion, how to follow path.
I can either prepare for CISSP and do its certification or I am choose to go with MS in Cybersecurity/Information Security. This is what I ready in many posts. I enquired with many colleges for MS and they are heavily involved with programming and maths. I am not into programming and coding, and I did maths only in my high school 20 years back. But I am very well versed in my field and know how OS works.
Do all MS programs in this domain have lot of programming and mathematics ? (I will be able to go with MS online only, as I will be working during my study)
Taking CISSP path will be better for me to grow in this field ? What are opinions on this ?
Any pointer will be appreciated.


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    If I were you, I would enquire if there is any internal opening on your organisation in the areas of network security. Learn on your job on areas such as firewall, IDPS, etc. Then slowly obtain vendor specific certification.
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    In my organization, it is very difficult to move for me. Being a senior guy in my domain, my organization will not move and ultimately I need to quit to get new one. That is the reason I thought of making myself familiar with this domain, either by industry specific certification or MS (if I do not have to go through programming and lot of maths icon_smile.gif )
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    You can obtain the relevant certification but when it comes to attending job interview, you will still need to answer the important question; "do you have experience in ...?". I mean, the cert may land you an interview and a job subsequently, but I believe you will still need to start from scratch. So even with those certs, your pay will not commensurate with the certificate you're holding.

    Hence, I suggest you to take up an internal role first before venturing out with certificates. anyway, good luck.
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    with 16 years of experience in unix and virtualisation, keep in mind that you might have to take a pay cut or start in a junior position - it can be very unpleasant. Not trying to discourage you but I kind of have a similar experience myself.

    I would start applying for jobs now and get certifications on the way...I wouldn't do an MS simply because the it's too expensive.

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    Before finding a dedicated security role, I worked as a Sys Admin for over 12 years. During that time much of my work was security focused even though my job was not titled "Security XYZ". For some organizations, security is still an unknown area. My last employer created a new security position and eventually a team which I was a member. Our focus was on governance and compliance. In my new role GRC is my main focus for now, but eventually I'll be rolling out technical controls as well. Along the way I've obtained a few certifications. When we interviewed for a security manager at my old employer, the VP told me that certifications tell him the person is serious about their career, but it was the interview and experience that landed the person the job.
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    I have a BSc. Chemical Engineering and M.Eng in Petroleum Engineering and I've been working as a petroleum engineer for 12+ years until I got laid off in July 2015 due to the downturn in the oil industry. I have tried to make a switch by getting certified as a structural inspector but I seem not to be able to get a job since I don't have the working experience. I have decided to try my hands on the IT Industry and particularly cybersecurity as I heard there's a huge demand there. I will be glad if any of you can give me advice on the roadmap on how to begin my career in IT, what certs do I need and in what order and how soon I can expect to start working as I have a family to take care of. I would appreciate your candid advice.
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    My switch into IT happened over 15 years ago. At that time, I worked as a therapist and case manager. Technology was something I always enjoyed. I found an opportunity get some hands on experience and got my first certification (CCNA). This helped me get a job as a network technician. From there I worked in an enterprise supporting desktops and eventually as a Sys Admin. My experience as a Sys Admin was pivotal to understand and gain experience within the security domains. Regardless of what is in demand or not, you HAVE to enjoy what you do and have a passion. I've spent many evenings and weekends studying new concepts and technologies that did not relate to my job. I've even paid out of pocket to attend conferences and took a pay cut to get into a better position for my career path. In my opinion there aren't any shortcuts. If you have the will, there is a way. My 2 cents.
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    First I recommend thinking of exactly why you want into InfoSec. I have over 10 years of InfoSec experience across multiple security domains. It's not all glamour and cool like tv shows and movies make it seem. It takes A LOT of investment of your own time to stay up with everything and to become a really good practitioner. I myself am kind of over it and am thinking of moving out of InfoSec.
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    Has anyone explored Champlain College's Online Master of Science in Information Security Operations? Debating between Norwich University's MSISA and Champlain College MSISO. Which would would you pick and why?
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    Suggest looking into CompTIA's Security+ certification. It's a good introduction into the IT security world and will give you an idea of where you might want to go moving forward.
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