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Took the GMON exam yesterday. Passed with a hair over 80%. Glad it's over, although had I studied more I could have gotten a higher score.

What did I take to the test center and what did I actually use?

Books 1 through 6 and the Workbook
- I used the Endpoint book a LOT, but that is likely due to my own weakness in that area.
- I did not once use Book 6 or the Workbook.

Printed out reference sheets for bro and tshark
- I ended up using the tshark reference but not the bro.

How long did I study?

Focused study - about 4 days, 3 of them the evening hours after work and one entire Saturday,
Non-focused study - 3-4 months. This is listening to the audio or reading the books while doing other things at the same time.

Overall impression of the exam?

1. If you've been in cybersecurity for more than a year, you already know most of the material here (or should). What this class does is pull all the disparate and (seemingly) disconnected things you've picked up during yo ur time in the trenches and weave it together into a narrative through which you can now evaluate everything else you learn in the future. I'm better off for taking this class and preparing for the exam, no question.

2. It's very difficult to fail. To fail this exam, you would have to have little to no meaningful experience AND not do much studying at all. Put another way - if you study for this, you will pass it.

Good luck.


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    Congrats on the pass and thanks for the feedback.
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    Congrats and also thx for feedback. I've got this on my tentative radar pending a few others over the next year or two. good to hear some real-life takeaways
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    Excellent right up and congrats! I've read through Book 1 and parts of Book 2. I need to complete my finals for school and then I will finish up to take this. I was lucky enough to attend the course and remember a lot of it. Nice to hear a write up of the exam!
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    thank you for posting, I am just about to write the exam. I have until July to write however I may be forced to write in may. Currently I am working ondemand and finished going through all the material a few times. I am studying daily and nightly but doing other things also. Currently I have completed all the labs once with the hints.

    Were you able to complete all the labs without the hints before writing the exam?

    Jinverar, TSS
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    I have this exam scheduled in a few weeks. I made a reference sheet with a lot of the commands, on top of my index.
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