Renewing A+ Certification

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I am new to this forum, excuse me if this question has been asked many times before. I am trying to renew my A+ and N+ Certification. I can log into CompTIA with no problem but I run into issues once I get to the renewal process, I cannot remember my Candidate ID and the e-mail that I used when signing up with Pearson VUE has since been deactivated through no control of my own. I have tried logging into Pearson VUE as well but I run into the same issues with the e-mail that was used at the time. I appreciate any help! Thanks


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    I would contact CompTIA directly. Their customer support is excellent. They will help you get any CompTIA related issues straightened out. Do you have the printouts from your successful exams? If so, they will go a long way toward helping to smooth things out (they should include your candidate IDs for both CompTIA and PearsonVue.

    If you are wanting to schedule a test through PearsonVue, in order to renew your certs, then good luck. Reestablishing your account will be quite difficult. I have personally found their customer support to be anything but helpful. In fact, it took between two and three months for my PV problem to be rectified (they gave me a second login, which didn't work since I already had one. I needed to merge the accounts and you would have thought I was asking to merge the sun and the moon together).
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    I do have my exam printouts. I'll need to take a look at them when I get home. I was trying to be proactive/stay awake during a 24hr shift but my husband had no idea what I was asking for when I called him hahaa. I hope that I can get this resolved fairly quickly. I am on a tight timeline due to travel for work coming up soon. Thank you for the advice!
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