Boson practice exams a killer

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Has anyone else taken the Boson practice exams for 70-410? I thought I was doing well on the labs, etc. I'm practicing using the practice exams that Boson has and finding them quite difficult. I'm wondering if the questions that they give are overkill or I'm just not as ready as I thought that I was. I'm writing mid May and thought going over the questions would get me ready. I'm now wondering if I'm ready or not.

Yes, I've done the labs and read the books, etc. icon_sad.gif


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    I have the Boson practice exam for 410 and I passed the real test a few months ago. In my opinion the Boson questions are equivalent in difficulty to the harder questions on the exam. They are the ones that will trip you up so I think it's appropriate. My exam scores and my practice test scores were pretty similar anyway.
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    Yeah, I have the same exact one from them and they are killing me. I thought the same as well and then I took the test as was like, well back to chapter 1.
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    I didn't use the Boson for the 410 but I used the Transcender and found them to be way more difficult than the actual exam. I've heard this is a fairly common thing for the practice exams from most vendors. It really makes sense because if you can pass a practice exam that's harder than the exam you're going to be taking then it'll make the actual exam easier.
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    I didn't use Boson for the 410 but I did use them for the 411 and 412 and they were brutal. I would say they are a little harder than the actual exam and throw some question formats you won't encounter.

    All that is secondary to how useful I found them to be. For the 411 I originally used Transcender and was passing with 80-90% when I took the exam and failed big time. I picked the boson exams on sale and immediately scored almost exactly what I had gotten on the actual exam. Some of the Boson questions pointed me to content that I had not seen anywhere else but the exam. They are VERY good and considerably hard but they are one of the best test prep tools out there.
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    I am using measureup practice exams for my 70-461 (in addition to skillport--which are brutal). Are you saying this would be an added 'bonus' to get before the test (I am going to take it next week for the second time)?
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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Now I don't feel so bad. I've been going over all the questions (all 240 of them) as much as I can. Hopefully by the time I write I'll have them down pat. Been reading the reasons why I mess up a question to learn the it better and even the harder questions that I get right.

    Not writing till May 10th, so hopefully that should give me lots of practice time. Doing a good 3 hours or more a day on the practice tests.
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    What makes Boson hard(er)?

    Question format?

    The smallest details?

    I personally prefer practicing with harder questions, making the exam a breeze. I forget the title of the book / resource I'm currently using, but they're primarily all situational questions and thus far I've been nailing all the questions right (well 3 chapters in, each chapter only has 10 questions).
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    I'm using measure up for 70-410 and I thought I had studied well, but wow the practise exam questions blew me away so I went back to chapter one as well lol.
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