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Hello all, first post here. :)

I am currently studying for GCIH, have not registered yet. I am reading Counter Hack Reloaded (2nd Edition) and also the NIST publication 800-61. I am paying for the certification out of my pocket and trying to get through this without burning my wallet. My question, is the official course material a must? Can i comfortably pass the exam without the official course material and the mp3's?

I did CEH, CHFI, and SSCP in the last 6 months. I am hoping to get done with GCIH in the next 2 months. Would be great if i could get some suggestions on this.

Thank you


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    You can pass if you are deeply embedded with knowledge on the subject and know and live it very well. If not, you need the books. The tests are created straight from the books, and without having the books you don't really know what's on the test other than the extremely broad outline on the SANS/GIAC websites. Trust me, the books get much deeper than those subject outlines on their websites.
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    Having just done it a month ago, you're going to have a very hard time without the official course material. There's a couple people on the board that have done it - search for their threads and reach out to them if they have any tips / tricks related to the study material. My $.02 - there's a happy medium between what the course will teach you (enough to pass), and what the real-world will help you to answer on the exam (>90% for the Advisory Board).
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    Thanks guys! Appreciate your input.
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    All the answers to all the questions can be found within the course material. This is why everyone highly recommends having a very good index. That way you if you have any doubts you can look at your index flip to the book/page and find your answer.

    I highly recommend having the course material.
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