going for linux after ccnp ?

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Im currently have ccnp but I dont know if to get other certification of cisco like secuirty or wireless etc or to get other area like linux and microsoft what do you think i should do ?


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    Do you want to get a new cert to complement something you do at work or to open up a possible new opportunity?
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    To open a possible new opportunity but i hope it wouldnt be a mistake that waste up my time
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    In that case, look at the ads and pick something that's in demand in your area. For Linux, check this out - https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxadmin/comments/2s924h/how_did_you_get_your_start/cnnw1ma
    (I think somebody posted it on these forums and I shamelessly copied it.)
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    We need to know more about what current certifications you have, work experience, work goals?

    either way, getting a certification like RHCSA will never be a waste of time.
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    Well, Cisco makes the decision easy because of how their re-certification requirements work. For a professional level cert, you must take a professional level exam in order to renew it. So, it is a matter of deciding to re-test on materials that you have already covered or sitting an exam to test on new material. If you already are considering security, may as well go that route with the Cisco exams just for re-certification. Over time, you will attain CCNP Security on top of your existing CCNP, or wireless, if you go that route.

    Now, for the longer term more deliberate planning, pursue some Linux certs if that is what you want to do. It is all a matter of priorities.
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    What do you want to do? Want to learn more about Linux? Go for Linux then! Want to learn more about security? Go for something security related!

    If you are simply wanting to open up more future positions, I would recommend spending some time playing with things. You may find you absolutely love something or you may find that you hate it. I've never been a fan of just obtaining something to get a job when you will end up hating the job.
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    Go for it! Never hurts to widen your knowledge. I'm working on the CCNP now and plan on going for the RHCSA RHCE after it. Heading into the CCNP RS I wanted to do a DP and other NP's after it, but I'm so burnt out on Cisco and their trivial exams. Taking a break from Cisco to learn Linux, AWS and Python.
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    Gpdriver17 wrote: »
    Heading into the CCNP RS I wanted to do a DP and other NP's after it, but I'm so burnt out on Cisco and their trivial exams.

    Would you care to elaborate? If Cisco exams are trivial, why did you bother then?
  • niba10niba10 Member Posts: 54 ■■■□□□□□□□
    well im thinking going for security what i should go then :
    CEH or CISSP or CCNA/CCNP Security
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