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How many hours do yall study after you work a shift? How far do yall commute to work?


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    Not currently full time working, so it'd be a bit misleading to reply. But when I was full time working, I was taking train to work about 45 mins and doing reading on the train, and maybe sneak in 15-30 minutes at work. Then I'd take a few hours a week at home on top of that (at least 1 hour, up to maybe a whole saturday, very rarely a whole weekend).

    Reading on the train really worked for me. I was able to get through quite a lot of study, and there weren't many distractions.
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    Depends on how busy I am - I've had no time to study since January due to work/time restraints and moving around. Typically I'll study for 2 hours a night or so and try and squeeze study time into the work day if things are slow. I don't really commute, I just walk across the street currently.
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    I work 7am-7pm, by the time I get home it's closer to 8pm, I eat, get a relax moment, get the kid off to bed. By then it's nearly 10pm. I try to get in an hour after all that but depending on the day I might be too tired. I also try to balance additional study by listening to pod casts / video on the way into and back from work (so like an additional hour of content?), also crack open a book or video / some form of study during my lunches. So in total with a working day I do about 2+hours a day. I also work a rotating shift so I have periods of 3/4 days off so that's where the big study focuses come in.
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    I work 8-10 hours a day and study anywhere from 1-3 hours a day plus on the weekends too
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    I work 7:30ish-4. I study at lunch (more if work is slow..)and some when I get home. I have about a 20 minute commute
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    None, my company allows employees to take 4 hours a week during buz hours to study, and also gives us a full week every quarter for studying.
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