Very good training video's (Network+ on Udemy by Mike Meyers)

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Hey everyone. Just wanted to share some, I feel, very valuable and pertinent training materials for the new Net+ exam. As many of you already know, CompTIA updated their Net+ to the new N10-006 on Oct. 2015 and it is much more difficult. It currently has a 30% pass rate nationwide, and many training vendors are having an active dialogue with CompTIA about re-evaluating the exam because it's so difficult. I've taken the Net+ exam twice and failed. I've also gone through a Net+ bootcamp 3 times and failed. I've been using Professor Messer's video's on Youtube on the side to look up particular concepts and I also have a very thorough textbook from my class that I use.

After surfing the Techexams Net+ forums, I've seen a lot of people posting about Mike Meyer's Net+ N10-006 class on Udemy.

Let me cut to the chase: If you're looking for Net+ study materials, look no further. This guy is legit. I was able to pick it up on promotion for $25 and it's worth every penny.

What I like most about his teaching style compared to other materials is how he presents the information. He doesn't treat you like an idiot, makes it sorta fun, and is easy to watch. He starts off with the physical layer, the wiring, devices, where the physical connection comes into the building.....all the physical properties of the network. From there, he breaks up the technologies layer by layer, piece by piece, starting from the bottom up in a way that makes a complete picture. All the information builds in proper layers in a logical progression, compared to other training materials I've seen. What I have found to be the most difficult about the Network+ is thoroughly understanding what technology applies to where and basically getting a "complete picture" of each moving part in the entire network, from a local level up to the structure of the entire internet. I hope that makes sense.

Don't think there's much more to say. Finding good teachers can be hard like with any trade and subject. Hopefully this information helps someone who is having trouble finding the right instructor. I kinda wish I had saved my money, skipped the bootcamp, and watched this instead.


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    I feel your pain. I took the test in December, 2015 and failed with a 657. I was a very tough test, and I haven't taken it again. I was given no direction by my company and used "brain **** material" I was using for practice material, I really didn't know any better. I also supplemented it with the Mike Meyers videos, exam-compass practice tests, and others I could find on the internet. Yes the Mike Meyers vids are a good starting source, but they just give you a general overview and touch the surface. The Mike Meyers all in one book dives deeper into all the concepts, and I have now read it three times, along with using the Pearson Vue simulator. Hopefully I will attempt the test again in the next month.

    I was wondering why you reattempted the Network plus test again, after failing the boot camp so many times? Something is missing. You got through secutity plus, but couldn't get through Net plus? Wow.....

    I opposed a question to many of the forum members earlier in the week on how many study hours it would take to get the test passed (no networking experience), and all that replied thought less than a hundred hours would do. I'm thinking 200-300 hours, which is where I am at now. I respectfully disagree with the replies. Why does Comptia recommend 9 months of experience before testing?? That equates to over 1000 hours of on the job training. I think there is a disconnect with some of the forum members who took this test at the N10-003, N10-004 level or before. Back then, all you had to do was learn acronyms, do a 4-5 day boot camp (or glorified brain **** gathering), and pass the test. That's what a lot people did years ago and many are certified for life. Now it's completely different. Simulations, layered PB questions, all 85-90 questions in 90 minutes. It's difficult. I got certified in 2012 from a boot camp in 5 days, but let the cert expire. Had no idea it would be this hard now. It's no longer just an entrance level test.

    Yes, Comptia needs to do something with this test. Hopefully sooner than later. Word is getting around, and people are going to start skipping over this certification. 30% pass rate sounds about right. I did a week long online Network plus training webinar with my company last month, and the trainer had earlier mentioned to my manager that no one had passed the test yet after completing the webinar. It really sucks because I have no practical use for it on my job. It's just a requirement now with copier/printer service organizations.
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