70-411 Easier or Harder than 70-410?

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Ok, so as I've been doing some lurking around the web I've been seeing some people say that the 70-411 is easier than the 70-410 and some saying it's harder. Really it seems to be around 50/50 so I was just wondering what some of you who have taken it have to say about it? Did you find it to be easier or harder than the 410? So far I find the concepts a little easier to understand but the amount of Powershell and Command Line you're expected to know seems a lot more intense than what was on the 410.
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    relative really. How long have you used server for?

    PowerShell is meh. I used it most days so it wasn't too hard to understand. I passed it first go but it was a beast.
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    I've been using Server 2012 R2 for about a year and a half and have used previous versions for about 3 and a half years before that. I've been studying for about a month so far.
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    The 411 builds on a lot of topics introduced in the 410. Basically, if you struggle with something on the 410, there is a very good chance you will struggle with its counterpart on the 411. If you are really good in those topics, you'll find them to be a breeze on the 411.

    I found it harder because it really expanded on a couple of my weak areas and introduced a couple of things that I wasn't really fond of (NPS is still a thing? Seriously?). I ended up failing it on my first try and then passing it handedly on my second try.
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    The biggest thing I'm struggling with right now is Bitlocker. And only because I haven't found any good study materials that have really helped me to understand it. I understand what it is and what it does but as far as actually implementing it is where I seem to start having problems.
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    With that much time on the server OS you'll have a really great lead in and the test for your shouldn't be too difficult, but be on the lookout for items like Bitlocker, NPS, NAP, FMSO Roles and recovery. Deprecated items and items that are rarely used in production environments will probably give you the toughest time.

    There are a couple of great courses on Udemy that cover these topics, and it's what I used to address the weak points. I've not seem Microsoft's VPN nor NPS in production once, but they test on them, so be prepared! Good luck!
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    411 has a lot more topics compared to 410, ITPRO TV is a good resource that explained every concept in a simple manner, but CBT Nuggets are more detailed. I have used both together with MOAC and tons and tons of lab practice
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