Passed SY-401 - First time with no prior experience

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Just wanted to give a brief rundown and give some suggestions on people who were in similar shoes.

I took the exam today and passed with a total score of 799.

I don't work in the industry but wanted to make the switch so I decided to take the SY-401 as I saw it recommended as one of the most basic certifications that hold weight to recruiters. I used only the Darrill Gibson CompTIA Security+ book although I googled terms here and there depending on if I recognized them or not.

I also bought the Darrill Gibson online practice questions on his website (the 29.99 version) because I was feeling a bit squeamish/unsure about myself a day before the exam.

Overall, I would recommend the book (although I encountered a lot of questions that I had not read about AT ALL on the exam). He's good at laying out the terms clearly and succinctly and I had no problems understanding anything. I would not recommend buying his question bank practice. It really did not help at all because the majority of the questions on the exam were not very straightforward at all while the questions in his question bank were.

If I had more time, I would definitely have quickly glossed over some of the videos on Professor Messler's youtube page as his videos seem to be highly recommended. Look up examples/explanations of how the performance questions work as I went into it not knowing about them at all and they definitely threw me for a loop.


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