More Skills Measured Than Actual Questions on 70-411

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Has anyone else noticed that the skills measured under the objectives for the 70-411 exam are a lot more than the actual number of questions on the exam? For example, I just counted over 115 skills measured on Microsoft's official 70-411 exam page and I've heard there are about 50 questions on the exam itself. So even if you were only to get 1 question per skill measured according to Microsoft that would still leave over 65 skills you "need to know" for the exam that won't actually be on the exam itself. And I know when I took the 410 I had several questions that were of the same skill measured so there would be even more that isn't actually tested on. I just find it interesting that Microsoft has all of these skills you supposedly have to know for the test but obviously they aren't all tested on. I guess their logic is that since you don't know exactly what will be on the exam you do have to know all of them anyway. I just thought that was interesting.
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    I think you're right that in any given exam the candidate will only be tested on a subset of the skills listed.

    On the other hand, exams such as 70-480 do a pretty good job of testing multiple skills in a single question. If I remember correctly, it contained quite a few questions which required me to understand a chunk of Javascript before getting to the CSS or HTML problem that the question was actually about.
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