I need help recovering data off a corrupted HDD

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Hey everyone, I need some major help here. Our Server runing Windows 2000 Server got hit by a power surge, which fried the power supply, motherboard, and processor. I am now trying to recover the data off the HDD's (specifically the Slave IDE 80GB Western Digital HDD of the Mirrored Set (2 drives in total one master one slave)). I have tried Spinrite, and cant seem to accomplish anything. I run it at level 2 (recovery) and it finishes and nothing changes.

My question is how can I get the Data from my Slave HDD (described above) if the drive is corrupted? I even tried to repair it with the ERD I had made, and it just says drive is corrupted press F3 to exit setup (Dont know why I made the damn thing, if its not gonna do what it was intended to do).

Please, I will be eternally in your debt if you could even help me in the slightest way.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
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    You could try http://www.ubcd4win.com/. They have very detailed instructions for building this utiltiy disk and is an awesome tool to have.
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    Personally I prefer Ontrack - Easy Recovery Pro as a second line of attack when doing recovery work - the first line is slaving the drive to my lab machine.
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    Am I missing something here in your configuration? If it is a mirrored set telling the raid controller to break the set and take the master offline should make the slave go into jbod mode and all data should be there. At least that is how it worked for me the couple of times I had the problem in the past. In fact at home I have a soyo motherboard based system with onboard raid that has had a broken set for about a year. It is just a home backup system running W2k server and I have not bothered to stick another drive in it. It originally had three 80 gig western digitals, one for the OS and two in a mirrored set. In anycase I never lost a single byte when the one drive rolled over. On a system at work I did not realize that I had a problem until I associated it with a strange email which was from the server.
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    Thanks A MILLION RussS, that program allowed me to use my good hard drive to copy the information off of the corrupted HDD. I was able to get our database off it, and now we'll be back online soon.

    Thanks again dude!!!!
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