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Writing this for a friend:

I've recently been hearing great things about attending WGU. I was able to transfer 50% of my credits and plan on getting my BS in IT Security and eventually going after the MBA. I have an interest in Network Security. I have a degree in Social Work. I was planning on starting in July. Recently I have had to look for a new job and have two offers on the table. I have about 3 years in IT under my belt.My lack of certs and a degree is making me more cautious about a future employer. I spoke to both jobs and it seems that both want me to excel. And are eager to reimburse for certifications (unlike my current employer).I am curious about which ones you would suggest to someone looking to attend WGU while also working. Should I get a year of work under my belt before attending. I honestly don't want to have a strong work load if WGU is going to have one to so I don't burn out. I will post the descriptions below hopefully you can help me decide.

Large growing corporate environment:

This position:

· Provides primary support to customers encountering problems using the (given brand) products and solutions.
· Responds to customer product inquiries via telephone or in written internet-based email or chat sessions.
· Facilitates inquires through systems in order to provide answers to common questions and problems.
· Resolves customer concerns raised during installation, operation, maintenance or product application or compatibility matters.
· Documents customer information and recurring technical issues to support product quality programs and product development

Responsibilities & Essential Functions:

· Receives inbound client/associate inquiries via phone, web chat, e-mail, and online ticket
  • Creates case logs, record information, establish resolution time, follow up on issues, and escalate complex issues
· Assesses issues and establish a course of action to guide the client/associate to timely resolution of inquiry
· Troubleshoots problems with malfunctioning software applications and recommends corrective action
· Directs and guides clients through resolution of technical issues
· Submits requests for product changes and other custom programming updates
· Practically applies knowledge of (given brand) case resolution process, policies, and escalation methodology
· Attends training courses as required and stay abreast of evolving internal processes and industry developments
· Provides customer service and remote support services and applies problem solving skills
· Works in a team environment and assist team members on various issues
· Provides other ad hoc support and duties as assigned
· Works in an environment with competing priorities

-PROS this job offers limited tuition reimbursement
this job is near my home
-Con this job may work some weekends
this job is .50 less pay an hour than the latter

Local Government Job

Provides mostly Tier 1 and some Tier 2 technical support for the County information technology assets located at Stadiums and Garages; serves as technical support specialist between vendors, third party affiliates, and County for the management and administration of the 750 wireless access points during events at stadiums may support escalation to Tier 3 configuration assistance with systems and network devices (i.e. firewalls, switches, UPS, etc.) interfacing with the County WAN, network monitoring, signal strength detection, and other technical support and network administration duties associated with the wireless network; acts as the liaison with the County IT departments for network connectivity, server configuration, routing issues and support, disaster recovery, backup and recovery, etc.; provides mostly Tier 1 and some Tier 2 level end user and server support for the Room systems; troubleshoots hardware and software issues, PC configuration, installs, upgrades, virus elimination, server administration, other connectivity issues, etc.

Resolves on-site issues; communicates with supervisor/team and may assists with networking and switch changes; uses networking principles to diagnose issues, and rules out non-issues; primary administrator for server maintenance and pc workstation, laptop and smartphone support; responds to the little issues involving Window errors, printing problems, application and software issues, file storage, virtual server management, server security and antivirus, disaster recovery and file backups, renewal of annual hardware/software licenses and support contract

assist manager with vendor coordination and management of the Distributed Antenna systems installed and vendor coordination and Tier 2 level support and system administration of the server systems and network devices located in the scoreboard control room; provides vendor coordination and Tier 2 level support including evaluating hardware and software of the parking operation UPS devices, cameras, and payment systems.

Pros Working for government in busy environment
Involves work similar to desk side/desktop support and network support
Con: 30 minute drive to work
Doesn't offer direct tuition reimbursement

On a personal note I have a 2year old so I am always active. I would not like to feel knocked out at the end of the day but with a two year old thats impossible. I do have a Bachelors already but have never attended school while working and being in a growing family. I'll be taking loans to pay for WGU but not having debt or quickly paying it off is the goal.

My friend Jeremiah will take any advice. I just wanted to ask it here cuz there are so many WGU students. Thanks ya'll


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    If you already have a BS, even unrelated, I wouldn't get another one to change fields. You have 3 years in IT so you're past the breaking in part. Honestly at this point I'd focus on a few certs and if you want to get something higher-ed in security after maybe look at an MS program. Obviously it depends on the company but for most of them after a few years the BS is a checkbox, having one is highly recommended, I'm not knocking it, but unless you're doing CS or engineering or something I'd stick with what you have and look forward.
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    Might not be what you wanted to hear, but I have to agree w/ Danielm7.
    You already have a Bachelors degree, 3 years of IT experience, and an AAS related to IT. I'd skip WGU, unless maybe you were going a Masters. Just start getting certifications on your own and take the reimbursement for them.

    Good luck
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