Cisco Equipment Datasheet

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Pardon me if this is the wrong forum to ask.

AC input voltage is to see the circuit breaker to be used.

What is the power consumption, power rating, and POE+ values used for?
My company expects me to know them.


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    Google the model number + "datasheet" and you should be able to find that information on the datasheet. This is normal stuff to plan while designing or picking equipment for a site - It's a nightmare if you don't and say you purchase a non-POE switch or the IDF doesn't have power to accommodate the equipment you're putting in there
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  • dppagcdppagc Member Posts: 293
    My question is what is power consumption, power rating, and POE+ values used for?

    Of course I can find these information by googling.
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    Consumption - how many hamburgers you eat on average
    Rating - the most hamburgers you've ever ate at once
    Poe+ - your kids have started eating hamburgers. So when you got to the restaurant you have to buy enough for you AND them
  • dppagcdppagc Member Posts: 293
    So for the AC input voltage, how do I know if it is just for the equipment itself or full load?
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    Voltage shouldn't change much... as you ratchet up the load you may actually see voltage drop.

    So when you're asked a question at work, is your default method of finding an answer to go on techexams? While this forum is great, do you even attempt to google anything?
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    I googled the data sheet but it made little sense to me.

    I cant tell my boss I know how to configure the equipment but not how many ampere it eats when it is full load icon_rolleyes.gif
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