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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I am just making this post to say introduce myself. I am just starting out and preparing for my ICND1 exam. I have noticed this place to be a wealth of information and for someone just preparing to start out will prove to be very useful. I have a little experience setting up networks as from my name you can tell i am a cable guy. I am looking to advance to other roles in my company. I have decided due to my schedule and funds the best path for me to take is self study. If any of you have took this route also please give me some advice of the problems and successes you had. If you guys know of any material that would be helpful to me please also let me know.

Thank you for reading this.


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    whats up cable guy

    Thats funny, i started my whole IT stuff by installing internet as ...a cable guy! lol
    Pick up some Todd Lammel books you will enhoy the read. Also look up CBT nuggets for CCNA on youtube. Get a copy of PacketTracer so you can run sims for the routers n such. Best of luck man, your going to do great
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    Welcome and I think that you're going to be successful with the attitude that you've shown so far. If I were you, I would hit Udemy and check out what some of the different paths involved. That way you can get an idea for where it is you want to be in three to five years.
    I wouldn't hold too fast to any path at this point until you decide if you want to work in network and/or systems integration, administration or security or what.
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    INE is probably hands down, the most informative source, as far as videos go. CBT nuggets is great, and may be more helpful if you have a hard time concentrating for a long period of time, as they try to throw in jokes. INE on the otherhand is all business, but they cover far more detail.
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    Welcome to TE!

    I suggest the best place to start is to pick up a book. Cisco Press, Todd Lammle, Chris Bryant, Paul Browning (simplified series) all good stuff. Also pair that with some video resources (CBT Nuggets, Chris Bryant, INE, etc). Like you mentioned this place has a wealth of information and good people. Drop in if you have more questions and keep us updated on your studies!

    Good luck to ya!
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